Harvey 150

150 years ago, a legend was born.

Harvey Firestone.

A man who helped shape the modern world
By putting tyres on vehicles, and paving the roads they drove on.
He made honesty a cornerstone of the business world,
And believed in his work so much, he put his name on it.
Today, Firestone is regarded as one of the most durable, dependable  brands in history.

And with Harvey’s spirit driving us all, his legacy is still being written.
Here’s to 150 years of quality and counting.

December 20, 2018, will mark 150 years since the birth of one of our founders, Harvey Firestone.

To pay tribute to his legacy, you will receive a series of videos and emailers in the coming weeks which highlight how Harvey Firestone’s pioneering vision and values have stood the test of time.

Harvey 150 Core Video